The Intelligent Way to Handle Data Protection.

Electronic SecurityThanks to our electronic locking system, every REISSWOLF container becomes a part of a security and management system of the future generation. Thanks to its easy handling, offers you full control at all times and a maximum of security for your sensitive data.

Containers are only as secure as their lock. That’s why we have developed, an electronic lock system for the highest security requirements. It is installed on every container, whether it is employed for document destruction or archiving, and guarantees maximum security for sensitive company data. 

All operations are tracked precisely. For example, each time the container is opened, records the exact time code and the chip number that has been used. This also offers individual locking rights for different employees. And, in case one of them forgets to close the container, will raise an alarm signal as an unmistakable reminder.


Electronic Security
  • RFID chip cards instead of keys
  • Individual locking rights
  • Process recording
  • Container tracking
  • Increased efficiency
  • Scalable system extensions