Our solution for your data management system

As a Web-based digital archive including DMS features, REISSWOLF f.i.t. - file information technology comprises all the advantages of cloud technology but renounces the data protection risks that are usually involved. With REISSWOLF f.i.t., all of your data will be filed, administered, and made easily accessible at any time on servers at our high-availability data centers in Germany. At the same time, a certified security access point and six redundant backups per day ensure the safety of your information.


Six features that certainly f.i.t. your requirements:

Intuitive design with user friendly environment

REISSWOLF f.i.t. guarantees the secure revision of your data in accordance with legal obligations by redundant backups six times per day

Is secured by a certified security access point with two-factor authentication

Immediate Document Management thanks to speedy OCR full-text search in all saved text documents.

Document access from multiple devices from anywhere

With REISSWOLF f.i.t., you only pay for the amount of data that you actually use. No hardware or software, or external storage capacities are necessary.