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You can scan from a single-sheet paper to a large book (documents, books, museum copies, records, fingerprints, cultural material, pictures, illustrations, color images, newspapers, magazines) . In cases where you force a problem we can discuss the issues with you in order to find reason because as Reisswolf we want to help.

After the transition from physical to digital archive we can upload all files in our Reisswolf FIT Software which are a Data Management System. In cases where you have your own platform we can give files back via portable hard drive, USB, CD, DVD.

You can export your data in any format you want. File type examples are JPG, TIF, PDF, BMP, XML.

OCR acronym of Optical Character Recognition. The process of scanning paper documents develop an image. In order to be editable this document must convert the images into textual information. This process refers to the OCR mechanism. By doing this the document converted into text-searchable documents.

We can scan books for you because we have a flatbed scanner where is helpful and expert for this purpose due to the flexible use it.

Thanks to the specialized scanners used by Reisswolf due to high color depth, Density rate (Dots per inch (dpi)) and optical resolution (measured in pixels per inch (ppi)) can constant accurate colour rendition to the original. For the purpose of Digital RMS a grayscale high volume document scanner is used for imaging the original document. Depending on customer requirements color images also can be scanned.

No, this is not necessary. Our personal initially prepares the archive material (remove paper clips, staples, or rubber bands) and then proceeds to digitise it.

The digital archiving software REISSWOLF f.i.t, is a web based system where used to upload, store, manage and exchange data in the sense of a document management system after digitization is complete. Can be used at any workplace and at any portable device with internet access immediately without additional installations.

The data is stored 6x redundant on database servers managed by us in German data centers. Your data belongs exclusively to you and are always protected by us according to the most recent data protection regulations.

The tangible benefits that are made by implementing a Digital RMS solution are

  • Saving costs
        • Time spent by personnel searching and managing documents and records
        • Reduction of paper consumption
        • Reduction of storage capacities
        • Automation
  • Saving floor space
  • Productivity gains
        • Improved workflows and processes
        • Reduced cycle times
        • Multiple user with simultaneous data access
        • Reduction of redundancy
  • Competitive advantages
        • Real time access to information
        • Improved service

The intangible benefits that cannot be quantified in terms of monetary gain are

  • Centralized storage of information and records
  • Compliance with record-keeping laws and standards
  • Improved customer service by way of increased efficiency in terms of time saved by staff accessing documents and records
  • Improved management of information
  • Full disaster recovery for the customer’s information, documents, and records
  • Activation of information and knowledge
  • Process control
  • Improved staff morale
  • Encouraging team working
  • More efficient business processes

There are no restrictions, multiple users can connect simultaneously.

There are various function in terms of your data accessibility. You can requests your file either via Fax-Service, Email-Service, Scan-on-Demand, Retrieval Standard Delivery, Retrieval Express Delivery, Retrieval Next Day, Retrieval by Customer, Destruction. There are also the New Collection and Collection Ticket for files where you want to send in our warehouse.

The cost of the services are monthly fees per number of users

Reisswolf f.i.t has many advantages

15.1. Safety

15.2 User access rights

15.3 Advanced search using indexing and Metadata

15.4 OCR with content search

15.5 Permanent storage of deleted files

15.6 Daily Backup every hour

15.7 Server redundancy (6 servers backup)

Our Certified Vault Facilities can warranty the safest place:

  • The walls are constructed from 50cm reinforced concrete for max protection
  • Controlled access through a security door (concrete, steel)
  • Fire safety for more than 4 hours
  • Low voltage (12V) led to minimizes risk of fire
  • 24/7 closed circuit TV (CCTV) inside and outside the facilities
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Protocolled entry to the archive rooms
  • Reduce of operating costs due to
  • Minimized personnel for archiving
  • Rental, Electricity and maintenance costs
  • Barcoding and packaging of files in Reisswolf cartons boxes
  • Systematic organization and management of the records by our specialized personnel
  • Fast and reliable access to records
  • Online access in your files
  • Document delivery 24/7

You can retrieve your document via the RWAS Online where you have the option to book an order in a level you want. (Retrieval Standard Delivery, Retrieval Express Delivery, Retrieval Next day)

We provide the Retrieval Express Delivery where the urgency need file you can have it in minimum 4 hours.

Your records stored in our vault warehouse

Through the Physical Records Management Software by Reisswolf RWAS. Can be used at any workplace and at any portable device with internet access immediately without additional installations. Easy-to-use interface for customers with quick and reliable access to stored files and Real-time database 24/7.

There are no restrictions, you can have an unlimited amount of users connecting simultaneously.

Your documents indexed based on data that will help you easily recall them

Of course. Our secure data protection policy complies with local and European regulations. Our Certified Vault facilities the safest place.

You are allowed to inspect your document as often as you wish with one-day notice.

When we have to collect new files, the REISSWOLF standard carton always be the first priority option for all incoming records / material.

It is not necessary to give us all your file volume but only what you think necessary.

Except of paper documents we also shred media including CD’s, DVD’s, backup tape and hard drives.

Once full, the secure containers RW240 are collected by REISSWOLF personnel and are replaced by empty ones. After the transportation in a closed vehicle directly to the REISSWOLF destruction facility, the containers are unloaded in a closed security bay. The destruction premises and the bay are electronically secured.

Various shredders shred the data carriers corresponding to the customer’s requirements on the basis of DIN 66399 (DIN standard for data and document destruction). The paper material is converted into packets and transported directly to recyclers.

We are able to visit you as often as is needed. Of course, this could be done upon customer request or according to a fixed schedule where was agreed upon by the signing of the contract.

Once full, the secure containers RW240 are collected by REISSWOLF personnel (this could be done upon customer request or according to a fixed schedule) and are replaced by empty ones.

After shredding the paper material is converted and baled and transported directly to recyclers.

Using our destruction services saves you time, money and maintenance costs. If we suppose that we need to shred a large amount of paper in an office shredders. These office shredders it will take several labour hours to shred the files. Also you can save the office space a shredder would take up.

Of course. For each batch that is destroyed, a relevant certificate of destruction is issued, which is given with the invoice.

For each batch that is destroyed, a relevant certificates of destruction and ECO issued. The ECO certificate declares the environmental advantages of the production of recycling paper in terms of how many wood, water, energy and C02 saved. This certificate can also use it to promote your company. Always an ecologically conscious company is more appealing to the targeted target group as well as to the general public in general.

Thanks to our location which is strategically located centrally, the access is easy and direct on the main motorway linking all the cities. Due to this we cover all five cities including Larnaka, Limassol, Paralimni, Nicosia and Paphos.

REISSWOLF security containers are made of aluminum panels and could you find it in various sizes, as required and the electronic REISSWOLF security locking system with RFID chip card provides the highest possible security.  Automatic alarm if container left open.Where shall I stored the document for destruction. The lettering “REISSWOLF” is stamped into all containers.

Our services are based and comply with the highest and strictest international standards so that we can ensure the effective and efficient management of files securely. Through our safe containers RW240 and electronic locking systems provides the highest possible security, data protection audits including findings report according to ISO 9001:2008, consultation to define required data protection rating and security levels in accordance with DIN 66399 but also, our safety trucks provide the highest possible security and a closed automatic destruction process, preventing anyone – even our employees – from accessing your sensitive data.